• Rotorinis greblinis vartytuvas GVR 6Bnn
  • GVR 6B Schema

The pivoting headstock gives the machine increased mobility and agility around bends and flat land. Helps to make swaths well formed and aired preserving nutrituos properties of hay. The rake teeth of special construction provide smooth and clean raking without mixing siol into the hay. GVR-6B is a reliable, durable, simple and convenient to operate machine. Working parts of which can be raised or lowered by means of hydraulic system and a raking mode can be easily changed into a tedding mode by turning the handles.

GVR-6B technological possibility

1. Rake into swaths.
2. Ted.
3. Turn over swaths
4. Doubles swaths.
5. Scatter over swaths.


 Technical specifications  GVR 6B
 Type  Traktor drawn implements
 Gripping width, m  6
 Rake capacity , ha/h  7
 Width of a raked swath, m  1,4
 Speed of operation, km/h  12
 Number of rotors, vnt  2
 Overall dimensions, m length  5
 Overall dimensions, m width  6,3
 Overall dimensions, m height  1,4
 Weight, kg  900
 Aggregated with tractor, traction of which is equal to, HP  40