• Rotorine zoliapjove ZS 2.75

Rotary grass cutting machine “ZSP-2.75” – simple and reliable machine. It is used for cutting pastures and parks. Rotary grass cutting machine “ZSP-2.75” is distinguished an excellent work quality. This is five rotor machine, which working parts – doubled knife, designed so , that while rotating they cause such air flows which raises the plants in case to cut them cleanly. Desirable height of the cutting is fixed by lifting (lower) wheels.


 Tiype  Hangable
 Cutting width , m  2,75
 The number of rotaries, units  5
 The number of the knifes, units  4
 Qorking speed, km/hour.  5-9
 Maximum productivity, ha/hour.  2,4
 Dimensions, m  1,9x2,9x0,7
 Mass, kg  430